STEAM Celebration



Join us in celebrating Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTS, and Math with our youth and future leaders.

At Maker Expo we believe “The Magic is in the Mix”. Specifically, that by applying two or more of the disciplines in STEAM real problems can be solved, new inventions flourish and society grows stronger.

This show-within-a-show is about celebrating groups from around the province (and nearby states) who help spark and encourage a life-long passion for STEAM in our youth.

We hereby invite school clubs, youth groups, Montessori schools, guide & scout troops, homeschoolers, FIRST teams and anyone else who provides an organized, scheduled opportunity for kids to love any part or combination of STEAM.

Come share what you do, and perhaps inspire other groups to try new things or even start new groups.

This event is FREE to attend. It’s FREE to exhibit and share and we’ll even be working on finding some sweet random-participation prizes for both guests and STEAM groups who exhibit.


Applications Due: May 11 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will you host this?

With our move from Kitchener City Hall to the Kitchener AUD, we now have 5x the indoor floor space to work with. We will allocate a large part of an arena at the Kitchener AUD to celebrating groups who promote one or more of the STEAM topics to kids. (May 1 Update: We’ve mixed the STEAM celebration into the main show and will denote participants with special signs).

Who is invited to exhibit?

We’re inviting any group of K-12 students to come and demonstrate something they’ve made in a “Science Fair” like setting. It can be related to any one or more of the following: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts or Math.

Groups do not need to be associated with a public school to participate (though we hope many schools and teachers want to join us). We are also welcoming non-commercial groups ranging from Montessori schools to Scout and Guide troops. We’re happy to host homeschool co-ops, FIRST robotics teams and clubs like CAGIS.

What kinds of things can we exhibit?

MAY 1 Update: As of May 1st, 2018 we only have space left for poster displays!

We have three different types of opportunities for you. First, you can host a regular exhibitor space for the duration of the showThis would be perfect if you have an activity, project or hands-on experience you want to share with our 12,000+ guests. Alternatively, if you don’t want to commit to 12 hours in a trade-show booth, you could either do a short periodic demonstration on our stage or bring and setup up a traditional poster display. We’re quite flexible. If you want to come share your love for STEAM, we want to host you.

What does “The Magic is in the Mix” mean?

As makers and educators, we find the STEAM acronym to be tiring at times. Mostly because it’s so imprecise and too narrowly applied. In reality, the best inventions, social contributions, art pieces, technology businesses and more come from a MIX of the five silos named in the acronym. Breaking down the silos into a muddy pool of awesome is what we hope to emphasize at this show. THE MIX is far more important than the tech.

Who should be involved?

If your school has a robot club, a maker space or even a non-traditional choir, then we want you to come and share your enthusiasm with more than 12,000 people!

What are the prizes?

This is a celebration and not a competition. There are local Science and Engineering competitions already, but we want to celebrate the simple act of creating and making as well as the power of investigation. However, we have secured some really interesting random participation prizes for those that come and share. We will announce them in more detail shortly, but for now we can say programmable robots and private 1-day classes for practical DIY skills… like welding.

What is the commitment?

MAY 1 Update: As of May 1st, 2018 we only have space left for poster displays!

You can host a full two-day long exhibitor space, you can offer to do some 3-5 minute demonstrations on our stage, or even put up an unattended poster display while you explore the rest of the show. If all else fails, just bring your group of eager kids and see what everyone else is doing!

Who can lead a group of students?

They might be able to lead themselves. However, you don’t need to be a teacher to show interest. Parents, coaches, mentors, and other kinds of youth leaders can organize groups too. Perhaps form a group from your church youth group? There are no limits as long as what you share is rooted in STEAM. Just come share!