Speaker Series 2018

We have a great new addition to Maker Expo this year: The Speaker Series! Showcasing makers and creatives who wish to share their passion and craft with you, these 10 different individuals will present topics that are guaranteed to awe and inspire.

Click through the schedule below for more information on each!

Date Time Speaker
Saturday 11:30-12:15 Anya Forestell, UWaterloo: Advancing Gender Equity in STEM
12:30-1:15 Nick Oddson, Waterloo Royal Medival Faire: 20+ years of swordplay and pageantry
1:30-2:15 Artash and Arushi Nath: Space, Robotics and Music: Every child is a creator!
2:30-3:15 Karl Allen-Muncey, City of Kitchener Civic Innovation Lab: Future of the Internet of Things, Smart Cities and Smart Buildings
3:30-4:15 Martha Lenio: MacGyvering on Mars
Sunday 11:30-12:15 Josh Bean, Planet of the Apiaries: Designing Nature Inspired Art Using Lasers
12:30-1:15 Matt Morris:  You Too Can Create Impressive Snow Sculptures!
1:30- 2:15 Nath Family: A Maker-Family Journey: How to build up maker spaces and undertake making-activities with children at home
2:30-3:15 Bernie Rohde: Making Stranger Projects / techArt hacking the UNO
3:30-4:15 Chris Farrell, Waterloo Region Small Business Centre: Be your own boss with the Summer Company Program

The Maker Expo 2018 Speaker Series is sponsored by The Underground Studio at THEMUSEUM in downtown Kitchener and is moderated by Hayley Zimak.

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