Meet The Builders with Ravi B and the 150lb robot Roach

Hello Makers, RaviB here your resident roboteer.

Thank you for joining us for Maker Expo 2015! I hope you had a blast and left having learnt something new. The power of our community is the sharing of knowledge and ideas. In light of this I’ve asked the various robot fighters from Bot Brawl to sit down and record a short video walk-through of their robots. In each segment we will cover a little bit about design philosophy and component selection. Of course we do this in hopes to share our knowledge with all of you new makers and prospective new robot fighters.

To kick us off I shot a short video at Kwartzlab (Kitcheners premier MakerSpace) and did a quick run through of my 150lb robot Roach. Before watching the video please take a few minutes (literally) to fill out this 3 question survey about Maker Expo and help us improve for 2016.


Now on to the walk-through!

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